Hi, I'm Vitaliy

RubyOnRails Developer Node.js Developer React.js Developer

My 6+ years’ experience in creating websites and apps of various complexity, comprehensive approach and great attention are at your service.
I specialize in developing highload websites, SAAS services, APIs and applications.
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Services I provide

Web development

Of all things digital, web development is the basic means of bringing your ideas (or products) to the audience. I have extensive experience in developing websites that use a wide range of technologies, and know how to build your perfect website from A to Z.

API development

I specialize in providing all kinds of API services regardless of development stage, covering architecture issues, specification development, programming, testing and bug tracking.

Realtime services

Realtime information updating adds more convenience to the products it’s integrated in. I have worked with various apps and systems with features implying realtime services, such as live chats and other kinds of live messaging. Such services are able of processing millions of concurrent connections, and for this reason I prefer to use Elixir&Phoenix.

Theme customization

Each theme can be customized to meet your special needs by implementing special features, or, say, you can adjust modules or some design elements. Having worked with Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation a lot, I can help you modify the theme you already have so that it could function the right way. Colour scheme, element positioning and layout settings can be made changeable in the admin interface, if you feel like it.

Responsive UI

The websites I develop can be viewed on any device. Be it tablets, smartphones or PCs, your pages’ layout will remain functional and no visual glitches are allowed.

Mobile Ready Applications

I am good at developing stable and fast apps with the use of most appropriate technologies, such as React Native, which allows to use 60% of the iOS-version code for the Android app code. With such an optimization, the time, spent on the development of apps is greatly reduced.

Fast Performance

Fast app/website performance is on of the major factors that make users stay. Code optimization is one of the ways to ensure flawless performance with no lags hindering users’ work with the product.

Fault Tolerance

If some of the system constituents fail, the main aim is to ensure proper operation and maintain functionality. This is achieved by means of fault tolerance design, which helps prevent system crashes and makes the system available even if something goes wrong.

Full Support For All Products

I will not leave you even after the launch of the project. If you need my further assistance with the websites, apps or systems, that I have built for you, you can easily contact me and we may discuss the issue that you want me to handle.

I Know How To

Transform Ideas Into Products

You have the wish to create, I provide the means for it. Your ideas need a developer who is able to put them into action. I specialize in building custom websites and applications and use a variety of technologies listed below.

How To Sell Your Product

I do not specialize in marketing and advertising, yet I know how these processes are carried out and what traps and pitfalls you should expect. I have worked with Google Analytics (and its API too), so I know how to configure it more specifically, what statistics are important for marketing specialists, how to gather them, what services are used for it, etc.

Ensure High Quality Of Code

In the course of software development, I prefer to use TDD/BDD approaches and SOLID principles, as well as CI practice, thus reducing the time needed for development, as regular merging of working copies helps eliminate errors at an earlier stage and achieve high quality of code

Cooperate Successfully

I understand how it is important to you to track the development process of the project, so I’m always happy to discuss your issues and am ready to provide you with daily reports on the work done.

My Skills

RubyOnRails 85%
Node.js 75%
React.js 80%

My Study Process

Elixir&Phoenix 55%
GraphQL&Relay 40%

Finished Projects

Lines of Code

Cups of Coffee

Days at Work

Best Features in Your Project

Still have doubts what you will get as a result? Look through the list of features you project will have.

List of Features

  • Mobile Friendly

    The way your website is displayed on mobile devices matters a lot, so you can be sure to be provided with an error-free website that is easy to navigate even when using tablets and smartphones.

  • Fast

    If the website page speed is ailing, it turns visitors away, thus reducing its effectiveness. Fast running is essential, so I take every aspect of the website being developed seriously so as to ensure its convenience.

  • Well Tested

    Every single feature of the developed website is subject to thorough testing before the project launching. Such an approach lets you avoid possible failures and helps you bring a fully-working product to your audience.

  • Well Documented

    All the people managing a website (namely developers, editors, administrators, etc.) need a code explanation. The result of my work is easily understandable, since the code is clear and provided with comments, if it is hard for a human to identify a particular section.

My Work Process


At this stage, the project peculiarities are defined, the goals are set, and coffee is made. In order to pass this step successfully, one need to establish a close cooperation between the programmer and the client. The more detailed the instructions are, the better it is.

Makeup & Coding

At the following stage it is very important for the whole project to shape the developed product. Taking care of both, visual appearance and proper functioning, I’m striving to create a product that you could be proud of.


When a website or an app is ready, it’s high time to check each aspect of its work and ensure the quality. If some errors are revealed, the work is continued, until everything works good.


Here we are! Let your audience see how much effort we have put into the project. All the systems work perfectly. The process of launching have been carried out watchfully, so your customers could see a well-thought-out website/app.


And yet launching is not the last stage. I will help you develop the project further if you happen to need new modules or implement additional features. Also, general maintenance is needed by any website or app to ensure everything’s working like a charm.


And now the floor is given to the clients.

Technologies I Use

I Have Nice Pricing Plans For You!


per hour
  •  Highload Website
  •  GraphQL API
  •  CRM or ERP System
  •  E-commerce System
  •  SAAS Service
  •  Realtime System
  •  Maintenance


per hour
  •  Highload Website
  •  GraphQL API
  •  CRM or ERP System
  •  E-commerce System
  •  SAAS Service
  •  Realtime System
  •  Maintenance


per hour
  •  Highload Website
  •  GraphQL API
  •  CRM or ERP System
  •  E-commerce System
  •  SAAS Service
  •  Realtime System
  •  Maintenance

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